Makes Me Happy: My mobile phone, playing with my dogs and taking them for a walk, having a drink once in a blue moon lol and going out window shopping lol

Makes Me Sad: Umm not sure people dieing that i know, im not really sure untill it happens, reading sad stories in newspapers and mags

Interests: Im in two Mobile phones, tv/videos steros, radios cbs, ps2, my wiper sniper and my dogs and playing pool, and doing stuff in my back yard fixing things and moving things around writing letters two phone company's two complain about there service lol, always looking for a new bank account that gives me more interest but i having found one better then ing yet its the best

Profession: very important person

Bad Habits: Drinking to much coffee leaving the milk on the cupboard insted of puttin it in the fridge, waking up and going back to sleep, having a messy room, I smoke and do and say some silly things sometimes, leaving my dirty clothes on my bedroom flood for days two a week until i need clean clothes lol

Good Habits: Im not really sure i'll think about it

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